New Features in Feko / WinProp 2019

Marlize Schoeman, Renier Marchand, Johann van Tonder, Ulrich Jakobus, Andres Aguilar, Kitty Longtin, Martin Vogel, and Taha Alwajeeh “FEKO Simulation of Radar Scattering from Objects in Low Earth Orbit for ISAR Imaging”
Aaron Brandewie and Robert Burkholder
Abstract-‚ÄĚThis paper describes some of the latest features in
the commercial electromagnetic software Feko (including
WinProp). These include the modeling of non-ideal cable shield
connections, the parallel direct adaptive cross approximation
(ACA) solver, edge and wedge diffraction for the ray launching
geometrical optics (RL-GO) solver, and several new features
related to automotive radar.

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