New and improved next-generation CADFEKO 2022.3

This article is an overview of the new and improved next-generation CADFEKO 2022.3, based on the familiar interface of legacy CADFEKO.


CADFEKO has been refactored to include an improved graphical user interface, effective workflows and many new features.

Note that changes were also made to the next-generation CADFEKO API that will require CADFEKO scripts created prior to version 2022.1 to be migrated to the new CADFEKO API format. This only applies to CADFEKO scripts; no changes are necessary for POSTFEKO scripts. A utility is available to aid the migration process; refer to How to migrate legacy CADFEKO Lua scripts to the new CADFEKO API format.

For more information on new features, changes, and how to migrate scripts, refer to the Get to Know the New CADFEKO Interface document.