NC: Jobs per hour or other interval -- throughput

When you want to find the historical number of jobs that have run through NC in given time period, you can query the NC jobs database using its browser UI.

Please read the NC database chapter as well as the section on 'Generating Custom Reports'.

+ Open the web interface to your NC setup.

Usually this will have the form http(s)://nc-host:nc-port/project

Substitute your local values for the host and port (often 6271).

  + Click on the job statistics link on the Reports' line near the middle of the page.

At the left hand side of the page there is a calendar section where you can put the start time and end time for the report.

You can edit this to get a report for any time period you desire, provided that interval is covered by the database.

On the right hand side of the page there is a filter section that allows you to create custom reports based upon your filter parameters.

On any query you can add the following to the URL to see the SQL query used to get the report:


You can then take this query and use it as a guide to make any SQL report you want.

You should look at the database schema page for NC to see what data is available.

The schema is shown in the NC Admin documentation.  If you do not find it at https://nc-host:ncport/doc/NetworkComputer_AdminGuide/db_schema.html search for 'schema'.

You can use the vovsql_query command to run the query from the command line.

For example:

  + get shell as the NC owner, with Runtime cmds in the PATH

  % vovproject enable vnc

  % vovsql_query -e "select count(*) from jobs"

By Alan Barclay, based on a reply by Robert French to a customer query