Multibody Dynamics Model of a Scissors Grab for co-simulation with Discrete Element Method


D. Schott, G. Lodewijks, S. Lommen


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


FME Transactions



This research aims at validating a co-simulation of Discrete Element Method and Multibody Dynamics of a scissors grab for the purpose of virtual prototyping. Both components should be validated before the overall model is validated and applied in the design process. The goal of this paper is the validation of a multibody model of a scissors grab. A scissors grab was modelled, including the pulleys and cables. For the input of the model, a virtual crane operator was used which opened and closed an empty grab. The torques of the winches predicted by the simulation compared well with measurements, and therefore the MB component of the co-simulation has been validated.


cable, Co-simulation, Discrete element method, grab, Multibody, scissors, Simulation, validation

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