Monarch for CO-OP Financial - Active & Inactive Debit Cardholders

CO-OP Financial Services provides a best-in-class Debit Card processing service for Credit Unions.

One operational and strategic task for good management of the Debit Card portfolio is to identify cardholders who are actively using their debit cards and those who are not using their debit cards. This is important to Credit Unions because they need to manage the cost of issuing and maintaining for Debit Cards vs the interchange revenue that is earned from actively used Debit Cards. Targeted marketing strategies that is tailored to Active and Inactive Debit Cardholders can help grow Interchange revenues.

In order to identify the population of Active and Inactive Debit Cardholders, a Credit union would need to combine information from the following sources:

This process could take a Debit Card Analyst as long as 20 mins, but with Monarch the process can be accomplished in as little as 5mins.