Modeling breakage and motion of black pepper seeds in cryogenic mill


B. M. Ghodki, K.C. Kumar, T. K. Goswami




Advanced Powder Technology



The present investigation aims to represent three-dimensional motion and breakage phenomena of black pepper seeds in the cryogenic mill (hammer mill) using discrete element method (DEM). In DEM modeling, bonded particle model was coupled with Hertz-Mindlin contact model. Calibration method was used to select appropriate model (bond) parameters. The calibrated set of bond parameters includes 3.12 × 1011 Pa m−1 normal stiffness; 1.56 × 1011 Pa m−1 shear stiffness; 3.88 × 108 Pa critical normal stiffness; 1.94 × 108 Pa critical shear stiffness. Besides, the validity of calibrated parameters was tested in the hammer mill. The observed qualitative and quantitative results (breakage and flow pattern) of numerical and experimental approaches were in good agreement. Based on these results, a few prefatory suggestions were provided to improve the design aspects of the mill. Overall, DEM modeling offered a better understanding of particle breakage and flow pattern in the mill.


black pepper, Bonded Particle Model, Discrete element method, Hammer mill, Simulation

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