Modeling and analysis of an actuator (electromagnet)

Studied device

The studied device includes the following elements:

• a magnetic circuit made up of two ferromagnetic parts (laminated):

• a coil supplied by a 24-volt power supply


Basic EM analysis

All physics definitions of the actuator can be realized with the proposed [MTAxi Workflow] tool bar:


The parameterized model is created with SimLab – Sketcher, and the model can be used for further DOE analysis.


The final physical description is shown below, with a coupled circuit:


After solving the scenario, SimLab can provide some basic post-processing for the EM analysis, including the isovalue visualization and the physical quantity plotting.


Example access

All files corresponding to this example are accessible with this link:

Step to follow:

    1. Tutorial folder: contains the document describing the example step by step
    2. Input folder: contains *.slb databases and files needed to build the example step by step
    1. ScriptsTutorial folder: contains script files to be able to play each analysis
    2. Input folder: contains initial *.slb databases and all necessary files to play each analysis script