LicenseMonitor shows an unexpectedly large Hiwater Mark (Admin Only)

When using LicenseMonitor, you may have an unexpectedly large hiwater mark, meaning the number of LM users exceeds expectations. This can be viewed, by going to the Admin tab and selecting the Licensing Option. It could simply be that you actually have that many users, but there are a few steps that you can take to further evaluate the situation. One way to do that is to get the active and database user names.

LM is licensed by the number of concurrent active users with one or more checkouts. The database can have more than the number of active users, since it records all users that have ever had a checkout.

To find the database users, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the shell as LM owner, with Runtime cmds in the PATH.
    % vovproject enable licmon
    % vovsql_query -e 'select * from users' | tee some-file-name.txt
  2. To get the active uses, save the enclosed script, omitting the .txt extension, and make it executable, e.g. in ~/bin.
  3. Repeat the steps above to enable your shell for LM, then use the following command:
    % lmusers -v
  4. Evaluate the data. It may be that you need more licenses.