License Priority Settings - Managed Licenses

Licenses are available in multiple suites. Each one of them provides access to a defined set of applications. The application which is available in multiple suites can consume a license from any one of the suites, which may not always be the most economical way to use it. If your account has multiple licenses, the default order of consumption is based on the order of creation, the oldest license first.

However, by adjusting the priority order:


  1. Login to Altair One.
  2. Click on   located in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.

>  Click Managed Licenses > Hosted License Settings > License Priority

3.            3. Click License Priority.

                      A list of licenses with the license ID is displayed.

    4.  Hold and move the  row-level up or down to change the license priority.

    5.  Optional: Select License ID from the drop-down list to add a custom description for the licenses.

    6.  In License Description, add a custom description for the license.

    7.  Click Update.

The license description is updated.




Note: When assigning multiple licenses to a group, a license priority can be set inside the group as well. In such cases, the priority level set under the group will be considered to override the priority at the account level.

**Non-group Users can access license