Laboratory-scale validation of a DEM model of screening processes with circular vibration


A. Yu, C. Bao, L. Zhao, Q. Hou, Y. Zhao




Powder Technology



In this work, DEM results and experimental data from a specially designed circularly vibrating screening model are compared quantitatively under a range of operating conditions. The validation is carried out in two aspects. First, the motion of tracked particles is recorded using high-speed dynamic analysis system and their velocities are compared with DEM results. Second, the total screening performance indexes are compared to those predicted by DEM. Overall agreements for both spherical and non-spherical particle models are observed in both the motion of individual particles and the screening performance quantities. Generally, better agreements are found for non-spherical particle model with the particle shape reasonably considered. Quantitatively, spherical particle model is less accurate because the simplification of particle shape leads to good mobility and over-prediction of velocity and screening efficiency. The validity of the DEM model of the screening process is hence approved. The validated DEM model can be applied to perform extensive numerical studies to achieve optimal performance and better operation of such complicated and important processes in mineral processing.


laboratory-scale validation, Particulate Materials, screening process

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