Is it possible to take into account magnet demagnetization during the solving in Flux?

Yes it is by using the macro RunDemagnetisation3D which is provided with Flux installation in the folder C:\Altair\Extensions\Macros\Macros_Flux3D_Physics\. This macro intends to take into account of the demagnetization of magnet during the solving process. When the flux density is going too low, if the flux density is moving up again, it does not follow the same path, but a new line called the recoil line, corresponding in fact to a lower value of remanent flux density. The magnet has been demagnetized. The macro presented here will need to define a value Hc which is the limit where the magnet will begin to be demagnetized. This action will be performed automatically for each node at each time step during the solving process.

In order to use the macro, you have to follow the next steps:

1Open Flux 3D and make sure your Flux project is ready to be solved

Load and run the macro. The input interface will ask for the following questions:

  • Select solving scenario
  • List of regions for demagnetization (magnets linear or non linear)
  • Select magnetic field lower limit (upper part of the knee)

As output, Flux will solve the case, taking into account of demagnetization during the solving process. It should be interesting to display Br on magnet at the last time step, or to compare torque with and without demagnetization.