Installing the Snowflake SnowSQL utility on Windows

If you have data stored in a Snowflake database, you can install the SnowSQL utility to reduce the time required to import or export data between Altair SLC and a Snowflake database. The SnowSQL utility enables the use of the bulk data insert options when connecting to a Snowflake database.

Note: To use the SnowSQL utility you must first install the Snowflake ODBC driver, see Connecting to a Snowflake database from Altair SLC on Windows.

  1. Download and install the 64-bit SnowSQL utility from the Snowflake repository.
  2. On the same device as Altair SLC is installed, run the SnowSQL installer.
  3. If not automatically added to the PATH variable, add the Snowflake SnowSQL installation folder containing the snowsql.exe executable to the system PATH variable:
    • In the Windows Control Panel, select System and Security.
    • Select System and click Advanced System Settings.
    • In the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables.
    • Select the PATH entry in the System Variables, click Edit.
    • In the Edit environment variable dialog box, click New and enter the installation folder path.
    • Click OK to save the changes, and close the remaining system and security dialogs by clicking OK each time.

The supported LIBNAME options for the Altair SLC Snowflake engine, including specific options for bulk data insert and export via a staging area, are described in the Altair SLC Reference for Language Elements.