Installing the Snowflake SnowSQL utility on Linux

If you would like to reduce the time required to import or export data between Altair SLC and a Snowflake database, you can install the SnowSQL utility. The SnowSQL utility enables the use of the bulk data insert options when connecting to a Snowflake database.

Note: To use the SnowSQL utility you must first install the Snowflake ODBC driver, see Connecting to a Snowflake database from Altair SLC on Linux.

  1. Download and install the SnowSQL utility(.rpm) from the Snowflake repository.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, extract the contents using the following command:
    rpm --install download-path/snowflake-snowsql-version.rpm

    • Where download path is the absolute path to the download location, and version is the downloaded version of the SnowSQL utility.
    • When complete, the SnowSQL utility archive is unpacked into the /usr/lib64 folder
  3. Add the SnowSQL libraries to the shared library cache, to do this:
    • Change directory (cd) to the /etc folder.
    • View the contents of the file.
      • If references a separate folder through an include statement:
        Create a file called wps.conf in that folder, and add the line /usr/lib64/snowflake/snowsql/ to the wps.conf file.
      • If contains a list of folders:
        Add the line /usr/lib64/snowflake/snowsql/ to the file.
      • Run ldconfig.

The supported LIBNAME options for the Altair SLC Snowflake engine, including specific options for bulk data insert and export via a staging area, are described in the Altair SLC Reference for Language Elements.