Increasing the Productivity of Tooling Applications with 3D Printing and Multiphysics Simulation

Presentation by Stefan de Groot, Head of Development and Engineering at PROTIQ.

Injection molding tools and high conductive copper inductors are two prominent examples where the symbiosis of Simulation driven Design and Additive Manufacturing provides dramatic potential to increase the productivity.

This presentation will outline the use of CFD and thermal simulation for the optimization of conformal cooling of injection molds. Topology Optimization to make tools more compact. This is not only improving the handling but affects also the thermal resonance cycle time and as well the tooling lead time.

With the help of coupled electromagnetic and thermal simulation PROTIQ is developing geometrically optimized inductors that reduce cycle times during tool production.

The Multiphysics analysis enable the optimization of the design phase, starting from specifications, to the complete analysis of the production process.

Latest 3D printing technology and services offered by PROTIQ open the door to new shapes, with highly conductive copper material and a quick delivery of the product.