HyperWorks "LiftShip" - Maritime Lifting Simulation Toolbox (NSRP funded project)

As a part of an NSRP funded program, and in cooperation with SSI, the developers of ShipConstructor, Altair has developed HyperWorks "LiftShip" (HWLS).

It is a process oriented and user-friendly toolset for the HyperWorks 2022.1 environment for the purposes of pre-processing, analyzing and post-processing CAD models. HWLS guides the user through a series of steps beginning with the import of ShipConstructor CAD, and is followed by geometry cleanup, meshing, quality checks, load case creation, and solver (OptiStruct) submission. In addition to this toolset the wealth of standard features of HyperWorks are also available for all preprocessing tasks. 

The video series walks through importing, preprocessing, setup, analysis and post processing with the toolbox. User guide with additional details (e.g. supported versions) and the toolbox are are made available in this article.

1. Import

2. Prepare

3. Geometry

4. Mesh

5. Model

6. Validate

7. Lift Manager

8. Lift Manager: Cable Contact

9. Job Submission

10. Postprocessing

The series is also available on our YouTube How-to Channel.