HyperView: How to remove pre-strain/stamping/residual strain from crash analysis

When dealing with crash analysis where stamping effect was taken into account, a frequent question is: how to plot only the stress variation coming from the crash analysis, without taking into account the stamping strain?


For RADIOSS native animations (Annn) and LS Dyna results, this can be done by changing the reader options before loading the results in HyperView:


RADIOSS reader options:


LS-Dyna reader options:


If dealing with:

you need to create a Derived result. You can create it either from a right click anywhere in the model browser:

or from the ribbon:


In the expression builder pop-up:



The expression is now available as a contour:


You can save and leverage your post-processing as a Flexible Report in order to re-use the expression on your other result files.