HyperView: How to calculate normalized von Mises Stress using Derived Results

Use the following steps to calculate normalized von Mises stress in HyperView:

1. Load the solverdeck and the result file while the Result-Math template is set to Advanced.


2. Click Results to open the Expression Builder.
3. Within the Expression Builder, in the Label field, enter NormalizedStress.


3. Select Stress from the Table, and von Mises as Table component.
4. Click Insert to add this value to the Expression field.


5. After T2.C11 add a / within the Expression field:


6. Click on Add resource: and select the bullet_yield.xml file.


7. From the Libary: dropdown menu, select Model.

8. Double click on BCMatToElem to add this operator to the Expression.


9. Place the cursor between the parentheses within BCMatToElem() in the Expression.

10. From the Table dropdown, scroll to the bottom of the available Table listings and select Yield.

11. Click Insert to add this value into the Expression.

12. Click OK to create the Derived Result.

Within the Result Browser the new derived result NormalizedStress is listed under the Scalar folder.

Click on the icon to the left of NomalizedStress to contour the model with the derived result.