HyperStudy: dealing with a RADIOSS model involving multiple loadcases

HyperStudy is frequently used in combination with RADIOSS analysis for exploring dynamic analysis, either for material fitting or for running design of experiments to validate concepts.

From version 2021, it is even possible to streamline further the definition of explorations by using RADIOSS in combination with Design Explorer directly in HyperMesh.

Nevertheless, there are still some cases where HyperStudy makes sense, especially if you want to deal with a model for which you need to take into account several loadcases. As RADIOSS only allows one loadcase per simulation, your exploration model with consisits in n RADIOSS models, n being your number of loadcases.


In the video below, I show the quickest way to set up a HyperStudy, with dealing with only one single parametrized file and loadcases being managed as include files.

The archive of the study file is also attached. The study was done with version 2022 and cannot be imported in older versions. Nevertheless the proces detailed will work for version 2020 and upper.