HyperMesh CFD: Known Issues

List of known issues that were discovered after release. (Note: This article will continuously be updated when issues are reported)

HyperMesh CFD 2023.0 known issues:

Geometry - Meshing

  1. Manage tool: Manage tool in Simulation ribbon does not list meshing or runs residing in same folder as hmcfd file.

Workaround: You have to submit meshing or AcuSolve job to review the list.

  1. Right click -->Reverse displayed for Geometry and FE geometry data is not working properly. Works fine for Lite and Discrete data.

  2. Busy cursor: Busy cursor does not come up for few tools like CAD Wrap.

Work around: Moving mouse cursor to browser or ribbon area may bring back busy cursor. Wait till you see message at bottom like "Wrap Mesh End"

  1. Import Solver decks: Importing with All(*.*) filter in dialog causes import failure randomly.

Work around: Select file filter first and then select files in the dialog

  1. CAD Wrap – higher overlap tolerance value:

High value compared to model dimension values of overlap tolerance can distort model.

Work around: Define very small value for overlap tolerance 

  1. CAD Wrap - Quality cleanup option can distort shape.

Work around: Turn off Quality cleanup option, use any repair tools to improve quality separately. 

Caser Setup (Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics):

  1. Section cut inclination is not reset on selecting new base plane. Multiple transformations can also lead to an incorrect normal.

  2. Importing template file with overset fan volumes can throw a warning without any parts mentioned in the dialog.

  3. MRF fan parts are not written to the xml and stl files correctly.

  4. Aerodynamic coefficients plot background is black and cannot be modified.

  5. Resizing belts does not result in the correct graphics rendering or collision calculations. 

Post Processing:

  1. Plots - Rake/Intersection: AcuSolve derived data fields: Known to cause application to crash when fields are read in from AcuSolve direct reader, for Derived or Miscellaneous fields.

  2. Signal Processing - Probe: The window overlap must be defined as the integer value of sample points of the overlapping size(i.e. block size= 1024, window overlap=512 for 50% overlap).

  3. Signal Processing - Surface - Integration: OASPL needs to be computed using p**2, not SPL, use Calculate toolset to recompute from SPL and then integrate.

  4. HWCFDReport Automation - GSP - Surface: Definitions for view, colormap and background_color are not honored. The user is requested to manually Open/Import the resulting .gsph5 file into