HyperMesh 2022 release highlights

This article gathers all recordings of the presentation of updates that have been brought in version 2022 and later. Feel free to review the sections you have interest in, or to discover new features!


HyperMesh 2022.3 release highlights

HyperMesh 2022.2 release highlights

HyperMesh 2022.1 release highlights

Usability Enhancements

Browser Enhancements

Release Highlights for CAD, Geometry, Meshing & Morphing

Release Highlights for Model Assembly

Altair Design Explorer: Your Shortcut to Design Exploration and Optimization

Create members and stiffeners as 1D beams shell mesh or solids

Develop and Deploy Your Custom Solutions Faster

Post-Processing Updates

Vehicle Crash & Safety: New Tools, New Features and More

Explicit Solver Interfaces and Safety Tools Updates

Multi-Body Simulation Solution updates

HyperMesh 2022 release highlights

Concept – Skeleton Modeling & Geometry Reconstruction

Implicit Solve Interface - New Features and Enhancements

Post-Processing, Reporting and Automation