How to run CADFEKO [LEGACY] in 2022.3

This article is an overview of how to run CADFEKO [LEGACY] in 2022.3.


CADFEKO has been refactored to include an improved graphical user interface, effective workflows and many new features.

For users that still want to use CADFEKO [LEGACY], it is still included in the Feko 2022.3 installation.

Note: CADFEKO [LEGACY] will be removed from the Feko 2023 installation.


To make CADFEKO [LEGACY] the default when launching CADFEKO, use one of the following options:

Feko Launcher utility
  1. Open the Feko Launcher utility.
  2. Click the Utilities tab.
  3. On the Utilities tab, in the Utilities group, click the Use Legacy CADFEKO button.

Note: To revert to using CADFEKO 2022.3, click the Use Legacy CADFEKO button again.


Environment variable

Set the environment variable: FEKO_LEGACY_CADFEKO=1