How to request single-point force of constraint vector output with SPCF card.

SPCF card can be used to output force vectors at all subcase or specified subcases.


SPCFORCE (sorting,format_list,form,type,randompeakoutput,nlout=nloutidstatistics) = option

e.g    SPCF(H3D)=ALL


Steps to follow:

1.Right click blank area in model browser

2.Go to Create>Cards>Output

3.This will open Create card panel

4.Scroll own to find SPCF. Check box in front of SPCF to enable SPCF.

5.Provide number of SPCF request needed in SPCFORCE_NUM field

6.In first output request specify Format as H3D and format OPTI for second.

7.SPCF in requested In format H3D and ascii format (.spcf) for ALL SPC nodes


Consider following example of cantilever beam with concentrated force at free end.

The force of 100 N will produce reaction force of -100 N and Reaction Moment of 1500Nmm.


In ASCII (.spcf) file The value for reaction forces and moment can be observed matching at end subcase.

Same results can be observed in H3D file reaction forces and moments in respective direction.