How to excite a coaxial cable

This article is a practical guide on how to feed a microstrip patch antenna on a finite ground fed by an coaxial cable connected to a ground plane.


As an example, we will look at a patch antenna on a finite substrate fed by a coaxial cable connected to the ground plane.

For this example, the model is constructed as close to the physical model by including a short section of the coaxial cable. Since a coaxial cable is also a waveguide structure, a waveguide port will be used to excite the model.


Patch antenna. Left: Top view; Centre: Bottom view; Right: Isometric view.


To excite the coaxial cable:


The face at the end of the coaxial cable section is selected.



A waveguide port is added to the coaxial cable.



A waveguide source is added to the coaxial cable.


See Ports and sources in Feko for more information on ports, sources as well as practical examples on how to feed typical structures in Feko.