How to create photo-realistic renders of EDEM simulations using Inspire Studio

The most important part of any simulation is to gather, transfer and deliver the information obtained from the model. This usually includes some general system images or animations, in addition to some analysis. By using Altair® Inspire™ Studio to render Altair® EDEM™ results , you can visualize your system and bulk material in the closes way to reality possible through photo-realistic rendering.

In this post you will find some demonstration files that you can use to have your first go at creating a renders from EDEM data using Inspire Studio.

You will need the following:

The example files are a zip folder which contains an Inspire Studio file with all the preparation for rendering completed and the EDEM files to run the simulation and once finished import it for rendering as explained in the How to video from YouTube. You can see an example of the bucket elevator rendered in the YouTube video walkthrough using the files attached to this post below, to give you an idea of the result that you can get from this demonstration case. 

You can follow a step by step guide using this example by watching this how to video from our YouTube channel: How to render EDEM videos and images - Altair How To YouTube Channel

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