How to compute the force on a boundary in Flux2D?

Let consider the geometry of a brushless motor (picture below) on which one would like to compute the magnetic force on the boundary composed of the lines L1, L2 and L3.

In Flux2D, this computation is performed using line integral following the procedure below:

1From menu Advanced, select Integral of a spatial quantity->Integral on line

In the displayed window:

  • select the type of support (Lines associated with a region, spatial path, line region,…);
  • select the lines (one or several)
  • define the spatial formula (0.5*(Comp(1,VLCS(CylinricalCoordSys,B)))^2)/Mu0()
Note: The coordinate system should be a cylindrical one.

The same computation is done automatically using the macro CreateSensorFor2DMotorSlotForce available on Altair connect.