How to apply Bearing Force which is varying with cosine function.

How to apply Bearing Force which is varying with cosine function.

Consider a force is needed to be maximum at center (Max_0Deg) and should vary till min at 90 and -90 degrees. (Min_-90Deg and Min_90Deg)

This can be achieved by equation F= Max Force* cos(y)

Steps to follow:

1.Create cylindrical coordinate system. For creating system go to Title bar>setup>system>create and edit system. This will open system panel.

2.Choose as follows:

Node: Circle Centre of shaft

Origin: Circle Centre of shaft

X-axis: Node with max load

Y-axis: Node with Min load


This will create system i.e., Radial direction is exactly towards center (point where load should be maximum). In cylindrical coordinate system x,y,z means r,Ø,z. By doing this we are setting node at Ø=0 degrees for max applied load.

3.For applying force go to Title bar>Analyze>Loads>apply force. This will open force panel

4.Select required node in 180 deg patch on arrow to choose local system and select created system in previous steps.

6.Click on arrow and choose equation and use equation as -500* cos(y) where -500 is magnitude and y is angle Ø. Check whether load types is FORCE.

7. Click on arrow and choose x-axis to apply forces in radial forces

8. Load can be seen applied with cosine function.

9. Summary of this load can be seen by plotting Load contour. Go to tool browser>summary>contour Load

10.Select required load collector. And click on contour to show summary of applied force





 Displacement contours: