How to animate Adams results in HyperView with CAD objects

HyperView for long has this ability to animate results from Adams. HyperView can read Adams solver result files such as .gra and .res (ascii only). The .gra contains animation information along with primitive graphics. It does not contain any CAD graphics information.The .res contains results but it does not contain any graphic information.

To load the results and animate with only primitive graphics, use the .gra as the Model and .res as the results.


Now, how to view Adams result animation along with CAD objects that one sees in Adams?

Follow the following steps

1. Export .cmd of the models from Adams

2. Also export *.obj files for the CAD objects from Adams. Place the cmd and obj files in the same directory

3. Create a *.flx file with the following lines (FLX is an Altair file format that consolidates different Adams files for visualization) :

//Note: runfile refers to the Adams result file name and model refers to the exported cmd filename

4. Load the flx file in HyperView (both as Model and Results)

 A simple link example is attached.