How to Add EMI Standard Plots to an FFT

This tutorial covers how to add, create, and edit EMI standard plots to an FFT analysis.


Add EMI Standard to Plot


First, we need to make sure the Y axis is in dB uV, we can do this by right clicking the Y- Axis and selecting dB uV. This can also be the default axis to display future FFT analysis:


With the Y- Axis on dB uV, right click the FFT plot and add another curve (or double click the plot), more options are added on the left side of the screen.


Create and Edit EMI Standard


If the Standard is not available in PSIM we can create a new one. In the lower part of the EMI Standards we can create or edit the available standards. We can also save this standard to share with another user.


We can also edit the existing Plots by selecting and clicking on "Edit EMI"