How can I identify the parameters for Jiles - Atherton model in Flux?

The goal is to describe how to find Jiles-Atherton coefficients from experimental measurements in order to use it in the new hysteresis material model in Flux 12.1.

Data input

Data output (python file)


A dedicated interface has been generated under Matlab software in order to find easily JilesAtherthon coefficients from experimental B-H static cycles measured. To start the application:

1Install “MCR_R2015a_win64_installer.exe”.
This is done one time for a machine under Windows 64

Open “Find_Jiles_Atherton_Coefficients.exe” by a double click. The following interface appears:

To use the application:

1Import of B-H curves measured by an experimental way
2Fit B-measured with the B-simulated which is used in the optimization algorithm
3Run the genetic algorithm
4Play with parameters by hand (optional step)