How can I compute normal and tangential forces on a region in Flux?

The magnetic force computation in Flux is based on the virtual works method; it assumes that the region on which the force is computed is surrounded by air.

In order to compute the magnetic force (normal and tangential components) on a region, one should follow the steps below:

1In menu Advanced click on Sensor -> New

Select the type Predefined (Energy, Force, Torque,..) and select the region
e.g. Magnet region in rotating machine. Note that the region is surrounded by air


Evaluate the sensor

Note: you can create the sensor before the solving in order to evaluate it during the solving process

4Display sensors curves

Export the curves and compute the normal and tangential components in Excel for instance (you can also ask an example to the support)

Note: The normal and tangential components are computed using the rotation matrix:
Fr= Fx *Cos(θ) + Fy * Sin(θ)
F θ= -Fx *Sin(θ) + Fy * Cos(θ)