HG Axis LockGuard - permanent axis range lock


This Extension provides a toolbar with buttons to turn the "Axis LockGuard" ON/OFF (available since HG2023.1).

The TCL commands that are used in the background are:

[::hwplot::GetPlotManagerHandle] SetFitAxesLockGuard true
[::hwplot::GetPlotManagerHandle] SetFitAxesLockGuard false


Download and un-zip attached Extension package.

Add Extension through HW GUI by opening the Extension Manager.




Use "Add Extension" and select the folder where  extension.xml  is located.

Then turn it ON by button.




This will make the toolbar available with buttons for Axis LockGuard ON/OFF.



Usage/Installation Instructions

Top button will turn ON the LockGuard, and the axis ranges for both X/Y axes will be locked and kept, independent of the following action (plot new curve, copy/paste curve, ...).

Bottom button will turn LockGuard OFF and default HG axis range behaviour is used again.





Axes ranges stay locked.