Heavy Machinery Systems Integration using Altair Simulation products

Heavy equipment OEMs are starting to leverage advanced simulation technologies for systems design and development. This is an industry that has relied on more traditional methods, informed by decades of empirical and field test data, as well as established analytical methods. In the current and future competitive landscape, it is ever more important to shorten design lead times while better optimizing the relationship between reduced risk and an efficient, light-weight, high performance design. Altair Simulation technologies encompassed by multibody dynamics (MBD), discrete element modeling (DEM), and 0D/1D systems modeling can be a key enabler in achieving these goals. This white paper demonstrates a workflow that can be applied to a variety of problems typically faced during engineering development of heavy equipment. Available design and field data for an excavator were translated into an MBD+DEM+1D deformable body model that can predict dig forces, aid in hydraulics system development, inform downstream structural performance, and with incremental additional effort, enable fatigue, design sensitivity and optimization studies.