Grain velocity distribution in a mixed flow dryer


A. Csatar, I. Farkas, I. Keppler, I. Oldal, L. Kocsis




Advanced Powder Technology



For corn drying one of the most popular possibilities in Europe is to use a mixed flow dryer. Large differences in the vertical grain particle velocity in this type of dryers are causing differences in the residence time. Hence, uneven drying occurs causing under-drying or over-drying of grain portions. To investigate the influences of the dryer walls and the air ducts on the particle velocity distribution experiments have been carried out in industrial and laboratory sized dryers and the measurements were compared with discrete element models. The particle flow velocity distribution between the air ducts is modelled analytically based on arching hypothesis. Using discrete element models the effects of different possible constructional modifications causing more even vertical grain particle velocity distribution were analyzed.


Arching, Discrete Element model, Drying, Granular material

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