Get Started with Altair Material Data Center

How to Launch Altair Material Data Center

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Launch Altair Material Data Center

Launch the application to access the Altair material data. You can customize and launch the application from Favorite Apps, on the Altair One Home page.

  1. Login to Altair One.
    The Marketplace > All Apps page is displayed.
  2. Click  to launch the application. 
    Tip: Click to add AMDC to the Favorite Apps list on the Altair One Homepage.

    The AMDC landing page is displayed.

    Figure 2. Landing Page

    The landing consists of:

    • Quick Search for a specific set of materials using a string value.
    • CAE view solver-based materials that can be exported to at least one CAE Application. Use the quick links to view the preferred CAE software materials.
    • Material Selection views the entire Altair material database. Use the quick links to view the specific type of materials.
    • Ziegler PEM Data view the choice of suitable material pairs can avoid unexpected and undesirable noises occurring in products. Use the quick links to view materials based on the capabilities Good, Medium and Poor.