Gearbox Acoustic Analysis using MotionSolve and OptiStruct


Noise emission in a Gearbox system is a critical factor when ensuring the mechanism quality. Gear whine and rattle noise are the main vibro-acoustic phenomena of a gearbox occurring usually between 50-90 dB

  • Gear whine: generated by the presence of transmission error in the meshing and/or due to varying mesh stiffness. Transmission of lateral and axial forces on bearings and housing while transmitting power from one shaft to another. Flexibility due to the gear mesh, shafts, bearings, and housing.
  • Gear rattle: generated when a gearbox is running under lightly loaded condition. It is an impact-induced noise

In this example the Acoustic Analysis of a Gearbox is performed using Altair MotionSolve and Altair OptiStruct

Usage/Installation Instructions

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