FluxMotor Part Creation - Tutorial on how to create a FluxMotor Part from a CAD file or a Flux Project + How to make it parametrized

FluxMotor is a great tool to quickly explore a variety of configurations while considering multiphysics constraints, and select the most promising options within minutes. But you might want to use it with a motor which you have already defined the design. Attached to this article, you will find two tutorials which will teach you the procedure to create parts and import them in FluxMotor Part factory.

Tutorial 1 : Create an unparametrized part from a CAD File or a Flux Project

In the first tutorial, "FxM_PartCreation_Tutorial.pdf", you are expected to build a FluxMotor project to perform tests. This motor is built from a rotor and a stator part that will be created with the Flux macro that creates FluxMotor parts. The rotor geometry is found in a CAD file (IPM_Rotor_CAD_File.SAT), and the stator one in a Flux project (Motor_Model.FLU.zip ).

The usual workflow is to isolate the part with the BasicExtractorMacro, and then use one of the part creation macro to obtain the Excel sheet that is read by FluxMotor. Here are the differents parts that can be created using this workflow :

You may also find two python scripts that can be run in Flux to automatically perform the workflow. (Rotor_Part.py & Stator_Part.py)


Tutorial 2 : How to modify an existing part Excel File to make the part parametrized

The second tutorial is about how to modify the part Excel File and include formulas that can be read by FluxMotor in order to have geometric parameters that can be modified in Part Factory or in a FluxMotor Project directly.