FluxMotor Overview Tutorial - Presentation of the whole design process of an electric motor in FluxMotor

Altair Solution is a complete solution that helps you design an electric motor from its specification to its very first prototype. Various aspects of the electrical motor can be studied when coupling the different softwares of the solution. This goes from the basic electromagnetic analysis to more specific studies such as CFD, NVH or even designing the correct driving system.

FluxMotor software is the perfect starting point to run your first performance analysis and choose the correct topology and physic parameters for your motor as in the following chart :

Attached to this article, you can find an overview of the whole design process in FluxMotor applied to a Permanent Magnet Machine. This presentation covers the whole design process that FluxMotor offers including the Geometry and Physics definition of the Electric Motor. But also lots of analysis and automated tests available within the solution. In the end, it is also shown how to export it to Flux to run further, more specific, analysis.