Fixed Time Point output with NLOUT using HyperMesh OptiStruct

Fixed Time Point in NLOUT using HyperMesh OptiStruct


1. NLOUT Card definition


2.Fixed Time Point in NLOUT

2.1 Create the time Points

    1. Click on Analysis on Menu panel > Entity set.
    2. Provide the name and set card image as SET_TIME
    3. Click on Create > card edit
    4. Set the Number of time points > Define the Time points > return.

2.3 Create NLOUT load Collector


3.Frequency in NLOUT

3.1 Create NLOUT load Collector


3.2 Define Control Cards

Solver will not check for the element Quality

Use for Un-symmetric terms in tangential stiffness matrix due to friction or frictional contact problem.

4.Load step and results

4.1 OUTPUT Request

Define the Following Output Request in Subcase Options.

Output for Contact force

Output for Displacement.

Single-point force of constraint vector output

Output for Stress.

5.Create Load step for NLSTAT



6.1 Displacement

6.2 Stress