Fix SPMD solution problem in version 2023.1

In some laptops equipped with new Intel processors (12th gen +) have some issue to correctly define the affinity for the computation.  This problem only occurs in version 2023.1 of Radioss Solver (previous versions should work properly in these machines).

This issue can be identified if -np (SPMD) option runs very slowly compared with -nt (SMP) option with the same cores.  In -np multiple processes occur with one core per process.  On the other hand, -nt option makes all the requested cores to run each process all together.

To resolve this issue, one way is to define an environment variable properly.  To do that someone has to follow the given steps.

Step 1: Open Windows Settings 

Step 2: Go to System submenu and select About

Step 3: Select Advanced System Settings

Step 4: Select Environment Variables

Step 5: Click on New to create a new variable

Step 6: Set the parameters of the new variable as shown

Step 7: Click OK to Close the open windows