Fiserv, First Data VisionPlus - Visa Quarterly Reporting (T511, T514)

Fiserv, First Data VisionPlus is a Card Processing system that enables Financial Institutions to manage and service their Credit and Debit Card Portfolios effectively, throughout the lifecycle of the product. VisionPlus consists of many modules for managing a cards business such as:

•CMS – Credit Management System
•CTA – Collections Tracking Analysis System
•FAS – Financial Authorizatoin System
•ITS – Interchange Tracking System
•LMS – Loyatly Management System
•TRANS – Transaction Management System
•And server other modules.

These modules generate reports that are critical for business operations and accounting. For example, the CMS module, Credit Management System, produces the following reports that are essential for the Visa Issuers for the quarterly reporting process in multiple regions;

Accounting and Operations teams must gather the data from these reports to help them file timely and accurate Quarterly Operating Certificates with Visa. Without the right tools gathering, this information can be very time-consuming, but Monarch can streamline and accelerate the process in significantly less time.

Let's take a closer look at how Monarch can accelerate the Visa Quarterly Operating Certificate process