Fields Examples

Fields capabilities

Fields are an incredibly versatile functionality that enable the creation of model entities based on spatially varying input data. Field entities store spatially varying values, which can later be realized (mapped) to the element and node data of a new target mesh.

Fields can be based on a variety of sources, including collections of entities or values already in the model, those in a different version of the model, results from a different type of model, or simply from a .csv file containing locations and values. In realizing a field, a selection of algorithms is available to map the field to the current mesh to create a variety of loads and other entities.

Below you will find an overview of the functions and examples supported by the Fields. Attached you will find instructions and HyperMesh files for each example.


1 Basic Information

Instructions: Fields_overview.pdf


2 Fields Examples:

2.1 Transfer temperature or pressure values in a .csv file ( x,y,z, temperature) to a structural model as nodal temperature loads or element pressure loads.

In this task you will learn how to use discrete mapping  pressures from a .csv file.

Instructions: Map_press_from_csv.pdf


CSV-File: NewPressureField.csv


2.2 Transfer pressure data from an existing model to a new model as element pressures.

In this task you will learn how to mapping pressures from an existing model to a new structural model (different mesh).

Instructions: Map_press_from_model.pdf



2.3 Map pressures from a parametric field.

Use this method to map data from an old geometry model to a new geometry model during CAD parametric updates.

Instructions: Map_press_parametric.pdf


CSV-File: ParametricField.csv


2.4 Transfer temperature result data in an analysis results file from a thermal analysis to a structural model.

This task is an example of how to map temperature from a results file to a new model.

Instructions: Map_temp_fromResult.pdf


Result-File: 2D_SHELL.h3d


2.5 Transfer property IDs from an existing Model to a new Model.

In this task you will learn how to transfer property IDs from an existing model to a new model.

Instructions: Map_property.pdf