Fertilizer sowing simulation of a variable-rate fertilizer applicator based on EDEM


H. Liu, H. Sun, J. Zhang, L. Chen, L. Yang, L. Zheng, Z. Sun







The simulation for a variable fertilization machine could help to show the fertilizing result and provide theoretical guidance in reality machine operation. EDEM (Extended distinct element method) which is a general-purpose software for simulating and analyzing particle system is widely used in simulation experiments of fertilizing machines. In order to optimal design of a variable-rate fertilizer machine. This paper uses EDEM to simulate the spread of three kinds of fertilizers which are potassium chloride, potassium sulfate and urea, commonly used in agriculture, by a centrifugal disc type variable-rate fertilizer applicator. After analysis, the variation coefficients of the lateral homogeneity of the three fertilizers are 43.34%, 26.26% and 39.21%, respectively. The result shows that simulation effect of these three fertilizers is not up to standard, and further research is needed to improve the performance of the fertilizer machine.


EDEM, Simulation, Variable fertilization, variation coefficient of the lateral homogeneity

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