/FAIL/BIQUAD : Excel to visualize the failure limit

When it comes to metal or plastic damage, /FAIL/BIQUAD is a widely used, efficient and userfriendly failure model. This failure model uses a simplified stress triaxiality & plastic strain-based, failure criteria with linear damage accumulation. Since version 2024, the damage accumulation can be coupled with stress computation to create a stress-softening effect. The failure plastic strain is described by two parabolic functions calculated using curve fitting from up to 5 user-defined failure strains. 

The aim of this knowledge base article is to share an excel sheet that will allow users to visualize the failure limits according to their setup. The parameter default values and the stress softening parameters are in compliance with the 2024 version of Radioss. Each parameter is explained with comments in the Excel sheet. 

This Excel sheet was built by Valentin Davaze & Mathis Loverini.