Export for 3D printing

<body> <h1> Export for 3D printing </h1> <hr> <p> Use the following steps to export an object to STL format.</p> <p> <ol> <li> Verify that the object is a closed solid </li> <ol type="a"> <li>Use the Area/Volume tool or</li> <li>Use the Tolerance Check tool</li> </ol> </p> <p> <li> Convert the object to a mesh</li> <ol type="a"> <li>Click PolyNURBS - NURBS to Poly</li> <li>Select the input object and right click</li> <li>Set Options to Advanced Tessellation</li> <li>To control mesh density,enable 'Face Dimension'. Low face dim = high density = larger file</li> </ol> </p> <p> <li> Export the mesh in STL format</li> <ol type="a"> <li>Select the Advanced Tessellation object</li> <li>File - Save Selected - *.stl</li> <li>Verify the correct options below</li> </ol> </p> <p><img src = "slt_options.png" align="middle"></p> </p> </body>