EDEM Technical report: Calibrating DEM models for Powder Simulation

One critical aspect when simulating powders using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) is the formation of suitable virtual materials that provide a realistic representation of the behavior of the real material. This can be achieved by calibrating the input parameters and it is an important step towards accurate DEM simulations. However, it is also a genuine barrier for DEM applications and a challenge for many.

This technical report discusses the latest challenges and advances in powder simulation using DEM and provides guidelines for calibration. It covers several key topics such as factors affecting particle behavior, standard calibration methodology, criteria for designing suitable calibration tests and critical factors per application area.

The most common calibration tests available are also described - such as static and dynamic angle of repose, tapped density test and also more sophisticated tests such as FT4 Freeman Rheometer and Ring Shear cell test with guidelines as to which test is most suitable depending on the application.