Dynamics of particles and discrete element methods as a tool of studies and optimization of natural and man-made materials processing


A. M. Krivtsov, I. I. Blekhman, K. S. Ivanov, L. A. Vaisberg, L. I. Blekhman, V. A. Arsentyev


Ore and Metals Publishing House


Mineral Processing



Promising outlook in application of particle dynamics and discrete element methods for modeling and optimization of a wide variety of natural and man-made materials treatment processes is shown. These approaches permit to take into consideration important factors that are disregarded by other approaches, providing for detail visualization of processes, also in Ā«stroboscopic illuminationĀ», which permits to discern slow components. Advance in this trend may serve as impetus to development of new effective machines and technologies. Primary tasks are set for investigations. General statement of respective tasks is presented.


Computer-aided modeling, crushing, Grinding, molecular dynamics method, optimization, screening, separation., vibration segregation, vibro-transport

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