Dispersion and migration of agricultural particles in a variable-amplitude screen box based on the discrete element method


J. Chen, L. Xu, Y. Li, Z. Ma, Z. Tang, Z. Zhao




Computers and Electronics in Agriculture



Many relevant studies about screening of agriculture materials have been conducted from different perspectives such as mechanism design, optimization of parameters, and particle motion. Some studies suggest that a screen driven by parallel mechanisms is more adaptable than a traditional one while the traditional reciprocating screen still plays a positive role in agricultural production.Based on previous research regarding the variable-amplitude screening method, 4 indices of particle movement have been defined and computed in this paper to investigate the quantitative dispersion and migration characteristics of agricultural particles by using DEM (Discrete Element Method) simulation data. It shows that the turning angle of the front swing bar has a significant effect on the horizontal expansion coefficient δx(t), and the particles will be thin quickly at first and be stabilize within the next process.It also shows that the increase in the turning angle of the front swing bar leads to a negative stratification effect, but results in a positive migration effect of all particles on the screen. This research could provide a useful reference for solving the retention problem of agricultural particles in any position on the screen.


Dispersion, Particle motion, variable-amplitude

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