Discrete Element Study of Aerogel Particle Dynamics in a Spouted Bed Apparatus


I. Smirnova, S.Antonyuk, S.Heinrich




Chemical Engineering & Technology



A novel process for fluidization and coating of light spherical aerogel particles in a spouted bed apparatus was numerically studied using discrete particle model. This model describes the interactions between the particles, particles and apparatus walls, as well as between the particles and gas which take place on the microlevel and can be used in the multiscale modeling approach to study the entire production process. The experimentally obtained mechanical properties of aerogel particles, like stiffness, modulus of elasticity, coefficients of friction and restitution were used as material parameters in the performed simulations. The influence of the increasing density and decreasing restitution coefficient of the particles due to the growth of the coating layer on the fluidized bed dynamics regarding the impact forces, collision rates, velocity distributions and rotation of particles was analyzed.Access Full Text


Aerogel, Computational fluid dynamics, Discrete element method, Spouted bed

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