Discrete Element Method Simulation of Cylinder-Shaped Particle Flow in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed


B.-S. Jin, M.-Y. Zhang, W.-Q. Zhong, Y. Zhang




Chemical Engineering & Technology



Discrete element method (DEM) simulation of the flow of cylinder-shaped particles in a gas-solid fluidized bed has been carried out three-dimensionally. The gas and particle motions were modeled with the k-ϵ turbulent model and DEM simulation, respectively. The cylinder-shaped particles were elongated by several spheres, which were described by a cylinder with hemi-spherical ends of the same radius. Drag-, contact- and gravitational forces acting on each individual particle were considered when establishing the mathematical models. Simulated flow patterns and pressure drops at different superficial gas velocities were in good agreement with the experimental results from a visual fluidized bed. In addition, some hydrodynamics of gas/cylinder-shaped particle flow, i.e., bed expansion ratio, particle volume fraction, particle velocity and mean percentage of particle collisions, were obtained at various superficial gas velocities.


Cylinder-shaped particle, Discrete element method, Fluidized beds, Simulation

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