Determination of properties of black pepper to use in discrete element modeling


C. K. Kanakabandi, T. K. Goswami




Journal of Food Engineering



Discrete element method (DEM) is widely used to model different granular materials. Knowledge of the input parameters such as material properties and interaction properties that are necessary for modeling is important for getting accurate results. In this study, DEM properties needed to model the black pepper were investigated. Rotating drum apparatus was used to analyze the angle of repose and flow characteristics of black pepper. Experimental and simulated dynamic angle of repose results were compared to select the accurate input parameters. Coefficient of static friction for particle to particle contact and coefficient of rolling friction for particle to wall contact have the highest impact on the results. The simulations which best suited the experimental results have values of coefficient of static friction for both particle to particle and particle to wall contact as 0.4 and coefficient of rolling friction between particle to wall contact of 0.03.


black pepper, Discrete element method, Dynamic Angle Of Repose, Flow regimes, Rotating drum

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